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One after one and they leave like nothing happen. One after one, nobody existed and that’s why she doesn’t talk to anyone. She doesn’t believe someone really wants her. Instead she believe everyone will leave her eventually
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Everything Love
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I either dress like im going to a red carpet event or like im a homeless drug addict there is no in between

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Hi my name’s Corey and I’m from Australia
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"We’ll see,"
“We got more days,”
“We’ll see…”

And that was the last time we talked after you said you’re gonna drink for the rest of the night. You never told me if you ever wanted to talk again. You never told me to call you or text you. You never told me anything and that’s what scared me. It was crazy because I’ve only talk to you for two months and I don’t know what it was but maybe it was in between the text. When you said “babe,” and I smiled. Maybe I just fell too fast for someone who didn’t care about me. But little do you know I was trying to make us better. The most confusing part about you was the fact you really like me but showed no effort whatsoever. I fell too fast and you walked away like nothing happened.

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Don’t wait on anyone, you’ll be waiting a lifetime. (via astonishingly)

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Gonna cry

If I say this to you then that’s a big deal

I wish someone would say this to me

So cute
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